Hello! I'm
Guy Weismantel

I'm a husband, father, marketer, board member, and advisor to awesome leaders and companies.I live outside of Nashville, TN with my family and our chocolate lab, Lucy. Welcome to my professional site.

Mastering the Board

I've had a ton of great (and a few not-so-great) experiences working with boards of directors in my career. I've found it's the most challenging relationship for executives to navigate and manage.And when I didn't see anything online that spoke to an issue I know tons of rising stars have, I decided to write about it myself!

Marketing for Scale LLC

In all my spare time (narrator: Guy has no spare time) I run a digital consulting company that works with businesses, solution providers, and investors in industries where I have some experience--all with the goal to help them grow and scale their businesses.

18 Squared Marketing LLC

I also do consulting projects with one of my best friends in our lean marketing agency that helps companies with their content, GTM strategies, launch plans, and communications plans.

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